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Do you ever feel intimidated as a parent? If so you’re not alone.

I’m now a featured blogger at First Corinthians 13 Parenting and this morning  I’m offering some comfort and encouragement for those days you feel intimidated and not quite up to the task. For me, it started when my daughter was a teenager.

So, hop on over to the First Corinthians 13 Parenting blog this morning and find some comfort and encouragement meant just for you.

And please let me know what you think of my new friends over there. I KNOW you’ll find something on their site to minister to your heart today.

Read more about “When Parenting Looks Intimidating” HERE.

shootforstarsHave you ever been told your dream is unrealistic or too far-fetched? Has anyone ever implied that you have been shooting too far above what you’re capable of or what’s possible?

I, too, once thought Who am I to think God would have something big planned for me? But God knows the desires of our hearts. And if there’s a big dream on our hearts, it’s very possible that a Big God put it there and plans to hand it to you to remind you just how big He is.

Jesus said, “All things are possible to him who believes” (Mark 9:23) and “Embrace this God-life. Really embrace it and nothing will be too much for you” (Mark 11:22, The Message).

God wants to do through you what is beyond you. That’s how He gets the glory for amazing things you can accomplish with your life. But here’s the key: It doesn’t take an amazing person to accomplish amazing things. All it takes is faith in an amazing God who can accomplish the impossible.

If God is laying a big dream on your heart, here’s how you can recognize it and be prepared to move when God says “go.” read more

Dream_book_cover_FJ3LI remember feeling very discouraged that I would never be able to live my dream.

My husband, a young Bible college graduate, had just turned down a job in a nice area of Orange County, CA where he would’ve worked as an associate pastor for the son in law of my favorite Christian author. That was supposed to be my connection, my “open door” into the world of Christian publishing. There went my quick ticket to realizing my dream.

But God often does something completely different than we expect when it comes to opening the door to our dream.

My husband, Hugh, instead took a pastoral job at a tiny church in an out-of-the way community on the back side of the desert.

For six years I wrote and taught women’s Bible studies at this tiny little church and wondered, at times, if God had forgotten about my dream to write books.

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IMG_20140411_125453Do you feel you can never achieve your dream because of your past mistakes?

Whenever women tell me they don’t deserve to live their dream because of where they’ve been or what they’ve done, I love reminding them of something. The Dream Weaver, who put that dream into their hearts, is also a Master Artist — One who specializes in taking the corrupted canvases of our lives and repainting them into magnificent masterpieces.

And if you happen to be thinking, I’m more like God’s practice piece, than His masterpiece, consider this….

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daretodreamWould you classify yourself as a dreamer? Or a realist? You can be both. But don’t cheat yourself out of dreaming.

I believe God has whispered a dream on every one of our hearts. And I believe that dream is closely connected to something we’ve always wanted to do. But so many of us are afraid to dream…or we don’t believe we have a right to.

The first step (in my “Ten-Step Process to Discovering Your Dream“) is: Admit You Have a Dream.

The second step is this: Give Yourself Permission to Dream.

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woman-rejoicingAre you living out your dream?

For years, when I would ask women that question, I would often get a blank stare in return.  Finally, after writing my book, When a Woman Discovers her Dream, I finally know why.

I have found that those who haven’t yet discovered their dream (or never even thought about having a dream) usually have one or more of these things in common:

  • They are the oldest child (or oldest girl) among their siblings and never got a chance to dream because they were too busy caring for their siblings.
  • They weren’t encouraged to dream or achieve when they were a child.
  • They began pursuing their dream at one time, but gave it up (or forgot about it) when they were wounded through a negative comment or circumstance connected with that dream.

Might any of those situations describe you? If so, it isn’t too late to discover — and live out — the dream God has whispered on your heart.

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WomanjugglingCall it my “dysfunction” but I used to try to please everyone around me. Life is less stressful, I thought, if everyone around me is happy. Yet, trying to please everyone is one of the key ingredients to feeling over-scheduled, stressed, or burnt out.

There is only one of you. And there are millions of needs, causes and jobs out there calling for your attention.  There are demands on your schedule every time you turn around. Therefore you must know Whom you are trying to please so you end up doing only those things He calls you to do.

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