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Have you experienced circumstances lately that threaten to darken your outlook on life? Are you struggling with a health problem? A tight or dreary financial situation? A broken relationship? The loss of a loved one?

It might be easy right now for you to resent your circumstances, question God, or even look for someone to blame.

If you do that, though, you might be speaking or acting too soon.

A woman we read about in the Bible did that. Her name was Naomi. Although her name means “Pleasant” she soon found her circumstances were not, and neither was she.  After moving to a foreign land, losing her husband, and then losing both of her grown, married sons, she changed her name from “Pleasant” to “Bitter.”

“Call me Mara (which means “Bitter”),” she told everyone she met.By changing her name she was, in essence, saying “I’m not pleasant to be around anymore. I’m bitter.

She let her circumstances define WHO she was. So sad.

But Naomi spoke too soon.  She reacted emotionally to the circumstances right in front of her, instead of responding maturely to the God who had her life in His capable hands.

Naomi gave in to the drama. But God was about to change the scene.

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