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Cindi’s Coaching/Consulting Options

Getting Started in Article Writing:


Did you know one article – in the right magazine or on the right website – could be viewed by far more people than will ever see your published book? Published articles are also great ways to build your reader audience, and get the attention of radio and podcast hosts, and agents or publishers interested in expanding your article idea into a book. Cindi can help you brainstorm ideas, polish your article, and know where to pitch your work.

(Recommended: 3 one-hour coaching sessions)


Non-Fiction Book Proposal Prep:  


Don’t write your entire manuscript and then try to sell it. Write a compelling, convincing proposal that you can pitch to an agent or acquisitions editor at a writer’s conference. This saves you the time and disappointment of writing something that might not sell. (Cindi has pitched all 17 of her published books by writing proposals only, never an entire manuscript. She has helped numerous writers put together award-winning proposals,* some which have gone on to become published books.)

(Recommended: 3- or 6-session package, depending on the solidity of your book idea)

* Cindi’s non-fiction book proposal format has won awards (for various book topics) at Christian Writing Contests in Southern California and was used as a template for beginning authors by her publisher for several years. Because of the diversity of book topics and subjects taken into consideration when contracting a book, her proposal format does not guarantee an award or publication of your manuscript.


Organizing and Structuring Your Book Idea:


Do you have a great idea but you aren’t sure where to start? Are you writing but it’s all going in different directions? Cindi specializes in helping you focus your ideas into a marketable topic, find your specific hook and target audience, and organize your material. You will come out of these sessions with:

  • a solid table of contents
  • a basic outline to organize your material and guide you through the writing process
  • ideas for additional value- and price-boosting material for your book

(Recommended: 6 to 12 one-hour sessions to organize your book and draft your manuscript)


Chapter-by-Chapter Coaching:


Do you already have your outline? Are you writing, but not sure how it’s going? Maybe you’ve already written your book but it’s just not getting the attention of an agent, publisher, or reader base. Cindi can help you take what you’ve written (or are writing now) and make it reader-relevant, and full of value-boosting material so it can actually SELL in today’s crowded marketplace.

(Recommended 6 to 12 one-hour sessions to get you started)


Writing and Polishing Your Keynote Message or Seminar


Would you like to start a speaking ministry or business? Cindi can help you develop your talk, topic, or testimony so that it relates to your listeners, and contains solid biblical instruction and practical application. Don’t just go for entertainment or a “nice talk.” Aim for life change. Cindi will show you how.

(Recommended: 3 one-hour sessions)

Other Consulting Services:


Basic Copy Editing: $0.03 per word (maximum $1,800 for a manuscript of up to 65,000 words)

This is to prepare an already well-structured manuscript of any genre for publication. (Does not include detailed formatting for Kindle Direct Print uploads.)

Contact Cindi with word-length and description of your manuscript.


Developmental/Content Editing:  $.04 per word or $70/hour (whichever is less). Average edit of 55,000-word manuscript: $1,500-$2,000)

Price includes rewrites (when necessary), restructuring, and preparing your manuscript for publication. Chapter-by-Chapter Coaching (listed above) may be more cost-efficient.

Fill out Cindi’s “Do We Fit?” questionnaire for a price quote based on your manuscript details.


Book Proposal Critique: $350

Includes a written critique with suggestions for improving your proposal’s overall effectiveness/marketability. (Can also be done in three one-hour coaching sessions.) Please email Cindi directly at Cindispeaks@msn.com to arrange payment and submission of proposal. Please allow 72 hours turnaround after payment and submission of proposal (Price does not include editing of three sample chapters.)


Manuscript Critique: $450-$1,000, (depending on word-length and condition of manuscript)

Contact Cindi for a price quote based on your submitted information.


Speaking Critique: $250

Submit your written talk or video of your 45-minute or less spoken message for a written critique/suggestions to make your message/delivery more effective.

Contact Cindi for this service.

Cindi’s Coaching/Consulting Options | Strength for the Soul