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When God Pursues a Woman’s Heart



Recapture the Romance of a Relationship with God

Within the heart of every woman is the desire to be pursued, cherished, and loved. Yet, there’s only one person who can lavish such love.

Join Cindi as she takes you through the Bible to discover how God offers a relationship like no other:

  • build lasting confidence by seeing who you are in God’s eyes
  • strengthen your worth in the face of rejection
  • dismiss “what if” worries with a steady sense of God’s goodness and love

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What Readers are Saying

When God Pursues a Woman’s Heart is the best book I’ve ever read. I learned so much about how God loves me and now my relationship with God is at a new level. This book belongs on every woman’s shelf!”

– Terra R.

“After reading this book, I now have a deeper insight in to how to let God pursue me and how to recognize Him in my life. This book will help you to develop that deep relationship with the Lord, who longs for your fellowship and heart.”

– Trisha Bleau, T4J Library

When God Pursues a Woman’s Heart was perfect for me because I was missing the romance in my life and now I can look to God for that. There were so many important images that you shared in your book. I’m going to write them out and read them over daily to remind myself of the various roles that God plays in my life.”

– Lois G.

When God Pursues a Woman’s Heart | Strength for the Soul