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Letting God Meet Your Emotional Needs


Are You Ready to Experience True Love?

Do you long to have your emotional needs met, yet find that your husband or those close to you cannot always bring fulfillment to your life?

Through the pages of this book, Cindi helps you take your emotional expectations off of the people in your life and leave them with the Lord resulting in a new you and more harmonious relationships. Through this book, let Cindi enable you to:

  • experience unconditional love knowing God is your constant companion
  • enjoy the closeness of expectation-free friendships
  • move your marriage from surviving to thriving

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What Readers are Saying

“You can have emotional peace like never before as Cindi helps you activate God’s healing promises. Listen to her healing words as she leads you to a strong place of emotional healing and victory.”

– Gregory L. Jantz, PhD, Center for Counseling & Health Resources, Edmonds, WA

“As women, it’s easy for us to overlook our emotional needs in the search for spiritual growth. This is a fresh breath of needed honesty about the struggle all women face.”

– Melodee S.

Letting God Meet Your Emotional Needs | Strength for the Soul