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When a Mom Inspires Her Daughter

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Draw Your Daughter’s Heart Closer to Yours

A mother-daughter relationship can be challenging, especially during the teen years.

A daughter needs her mom’s support as a confidante and gentle guide—yet at the same time, she yearns for greater independence and wants to be her own person.

How can a mother maintain the right balance throughout her daughter’s growing-up years and beyond? “When a Mom Inspires Her Daughter” is filled with biblical instruction and personal stories, revealing what works and doesn’t when it comes to building that mother-daughter relationship. Cindi and her daughter, Dana (now 28 years old), worked together to write this book that will encourage you as you:

  • understand what your daughter needs
  • take an interest in her world
  • give her the gift of your time
  • choose your battles well
  • encourage your daughter to dream
  • affirm her womanhood
  • guide her spiritually
  • become her best friend

Each chapter includes advice from moms, step-moms and grand moms on what has drawn their daughters’ hearts closer to theirs. Daughters, ages 16-40, have also contributed to this book, providing honest insights on what they need from their mom in every stage of life.

Regardless of your daughter’s age, it’s never too early – or too late – to inspire her to become the woman God designed her to be. And it’s never too late for YOU to start becoming the woman you want your daughter to be.

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Table of Contents

  • The Beauty – and Burden – of Raising a Daughter
  • Your Amazing Ability to Influence
  • Knowing What She Needs
  • Building Her Up
  • Giving Her the Gift of Your Time
  • Taking an Interest in Her World
  • Encouraging Her to Dream
  • Preparing Her for Life
  • Choosing Your Battles Well
  • Guiding Her Spiritually
  • Becoming Her Best Friend
  • Scriptural Encouragement for My Daughter

What Readers are Saying

“Not only is Cindi McMenamin a spiritual and practical encourager of women around the globe, but she is a friend. I am especially thrilled by this latest book aimed at the hearts of moms. Nothing is more important for a mom with girls than teaching them God’s standards and modeling how to follow them….and never has the challenge been so critical. This book is timely and an answer to every mother’s prayers for help with preparing her daughter for life.”

– Elizabeth George, Best-selling author of A Woman After God’s Own Heart and A Mom After God’s Own Heart

“Drawing on her own considerable experience as a mother and mentor, as well as conducting extensive interviews with women who both mentor and have been mom-mentored, Cindi McMenamin has put together a practical, readable, hands-on manual on relating to your daughter or daughter-in-law. A great gift for a new mommy or longtime mother, this book will also be particularly useful to mothers and daughters whose relationship is thorny or broken.”

– Rebekah Binkley Montgomery, author of Faithprints: Touching Your World for Jesus

“Too many mothers back away right when their daughters need – and crave – their involvement and guidance. In When a Mom Inspires Her Daughter, Cindi offers practical encouragement for being intentional in living out our irreplaceable roles as mature mentors to our daughters. And she challenges us to recognize that because our girls are most influenced by who we are (and not merely by what we say or by who we wish we were), living in Christ’s love is our most important – and inspiring – priority.”

– Cheri Gregory, Mother of an adult daughter, 20+ year veteran of junior high and
high school teaching, and coauthor of The Good Girls’ Guide to Breaking Bad Rules

When a Mom Inspires Her Daughter (Video)

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