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Live Speaking Presentations

</p> <h4>God's Relentless Gifts</h4> <p>

</p> <h4>Women on the Edge</h4> <p>

Teaching Moments

</p> <h4>My Struggle with God's Withholding</h4> <p>

</p> <h4>Realizing My Missing Piece</h4> <p>

</p> <h4>When God's Gift is No</h4> <p>

</p> <h4>Responding to an Insult</h4> <p>

</p> <h4>God's Faultless Filter</h4> <p>

</p> <h4>Hope When You're Waiting on God</h4> <p>

</p> <h4>How Big Are Your Prayers?</h4> <p>

</p> <h4>How God Works Through our Longings and Losses</h4> <p>

</p> <h4>Phrases You'll Never Hear God Say</h4> <p>

</p> <h4>Praying for the Desire of Your Heart</h4> <p>

</p> <h4>What Does God Have in the Garage?</h4> <p>

</p> <h4>Why Don't We Pray More Specifically?</h4> <p>

</p> <h4>You Have a God Who is More Fantastic Than Disney</h4> <p>

</p> <h4>When You're Under Attack: The "Disney Militia" Story</h4> <p>

Book Trailers

</p> <h4>When a Mom Inspires Her Daughter</h4> <p>

</p> <h4>When a Woman Overcomes Life's Hurts</h4> <p>

Guest Appearances & Interviews

</p> <h4>When God Sees Your Tears - Skype Interview with Crosswalk.com</h4> <p>

</p> <h4>When A Woman Overcomes Life's Hurts - Guest Appearance on the Herman & Sharron Show</h4> <p>


“Cindi is real, relate-able, and such a clear communicator. She was very prepared and exceeded our expectations. We highly recommend her.”

– Brenda Brisson, Women’s Ministries Director, Cornerstone Church, Wildomar, CA

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