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Women on the Edge

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Are You Teetering on the Edge…Desperate for Change, for Direction, for Purpose?

We all know what it’s like to feel dangerously close to the edge at times.

Maybe you’re already there. On the edge of doing something desperate if something doesn’t change. As women we are passionate individuals…traveling down a road desperately seeking something. Whether we’re desperate for love, change, fulfillment, significance or accomplishment, the road of desperation can lead us to devastation – if we follow our own pursuits – or it can lead to liberation – a life full and freeing – if we funnel our passion toward a desire for God and live on the edge for Him.

Through this book, Cindi will lead you to a spacious place where you are no longer on the edge, but:

  • funneling your desires for more into a desire for God alone
  • living differently by avoiding dysfunctional patterns of the past
  • developing a deeper trust in God, who can control what you cannot
  • resting in God’s purpose and plan for your life
  • enjoying the confidence that comes from a heart wholly surrendered to Him

Are you ready to start living to your potential and glorifying God? As you do, you’ll experience the freedom of living on the edge for God – and loving it!

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  • Spanish

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