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Learn of the many ways God pursues your heart in my favorite of all my books.

Learn of the many ways God pursues your heart in my favorite of all my books.

Have you ever thought about what kind of Valentine’s Day card you might pick out for God?

I got to thinking about that the other day.

Scripture refers to God as our heavenly “husband” (Isaiah 54:5), so after many years with Him, would I get Him the card that says “You’re Still my Knight in Shining Armor”?  After all, He truly is my Perfect Prince.  It’s true He’s never let me down and like the cards say “I can’t imagine my life without Him.”

Or would it be more appropriate to choose a card that talks about “weathering the storms together” and knowing that through it all His love has been there?

Every beautiful, romantic line I read in a greeting card is true of the Perfect Love,  the Lord Jesus. In fact, picking out a card for Him would be quite easy.

But what  if God were picking out a card for you or me? What if He wanted to express His sentiments to us after “all these years together”? You know, He already has…in several places throughout Scripture:

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I understand if you’re not looking forward to Valentine’s Day. If you’re single you might not want to be reminded that you’re alone. If you’re married or in a relationship you might be fearing your expectations will leave you disappointed by the end of the day.

Whatever your particular situation, When God Pursues a Woman's HeartI want to encourage your heart with God’s whispers of love toward you.

Did you know that the Author of Love had YOU on His mind when He said certain things in His Word?  I call those portions of Scripture His “Valentines” to us. Take a look with me at the lovely ways He has told you He loves you:

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