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Did you know there are at least 7 things we never need to worry about? ‘

As I’ve grown older, I’ve made it a point to not waste a day worrying about something I can’t control.

I wish I’d had that mindset when I was younger. How many days have I wasted, how many stomach aches could I have spared, how much less stress could I have had if I’d remembered that the One who controls all things has my back and has my situation under perfect control?

Let me take this time to remind you — and encourage you — of the things you, too, never need to worry about if you are trusting in the One who can do all things:

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WomanjugglingCall it my “dysfunction” but I used to try to please everyone around me. Life is less stressful, I thought, if everyone around me is happy. Yet, trying to please everyone is one of the key ingredients to feeling over-scheduled, stressed, or burnt out.

There is only one of you. And there are millions of needs, causes and jobs out there calling for your attention.  There are demands on your schedule every time you turn around. Therefore you must know Whom you are trying to please so you end up doing only those things He calls you to do.

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stress signI know how you feel.

Life seems to be going in a million different directions. There are so many things for you to do in so little time.  Kids are pulling at you or your job is pushing you. Responsibilities abound. And there’s only one of you.

I, too, know what it’s like to feel like you’re running on empty.

I hit that place in life about 7 years ago and was able to learn some things while there and bounce back….with a fresh perspective and momentum. Whether you are in full-fledged burnout, attempting to deal with stress in your life, or just desiring enough energy to get through your day, I want to offer you what helped me get back my fire, fervor and fuel. And this will prayerfully keep you from returning to a stage of burnout as well.

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I’ve never had more of a potential for stress than this holiday season. Since I put off my November 1st book deadline to focus on some Fall speaking engagements, my back is now up against the wall to complete my next book,  When a Mom Inspires Her Daughter. I’ve been given a deadline extension — Dec. 27 — just two days after Christmas. And I still have a ways to go before the manuscript is complete.

Yet this gives me a great opportunity to practice what I’ve been preaching the past month about having a stress-free holiday season. read more

It’s natural for us to feel like we’re running on empty as the holidays approach.

I remember waking up one morning, about this time of year, and thinking “I don’t feel like facing this day. I don’t feel like doing everything on my to-do list. I feel like I’m running on empty.”

It was then that I turned to the Psalms in Scripture. read more

As the holidays approach, you might already be feeling like a woman on the edge. We can feel edgy because there’s much to do and it seems like there are few to help. We can feel stressed out because we need a lot and there are few to step in and meet us where we are hurting. Statistics also show that there are more people depressed at Christmastime than at any other time of the year. If you are finding yourself feeling this way, then I want you to focus, this week on Principle No. 2 for a Stress-Free Christmas:  Rely on God for your emotional support.

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Blog quote -restAre you one of those women who gets stressed out at Christmastime? If so, you’re not alone.

But regardless of the reasons we might dread the approaching holidays, I want to help you see this time of year as an extra special time of making memories with your Maker.

Over the next four weeks, I want to help you plan for a stress-free Christmas. I want to help you refocus your heart and mind so that you will anticipate the holidays with a quiet heart, and get through them feeling recharged, refreshed and refueled.

The first step to a stress-free Christmas is to refocus on rest.

Rather than thinking of all you have to do this season, can you consciously slow down long enough to remember why (if there is a reason) everything needs to get done? Christmas was never meant to be a time of busyness, stress, long lines, packed to-do lists and running around like crazy trying to get it all done. Rather, it is a time to slow down and reflect on the greatest gift that we have received — the gift of a Savior, to a world that was previously without hope.

The Bible instructs us in Psalm 46:10: “Be still and know that I am God.” That verse, in context, was a reminder to God’s people that in the true knowledge of God and His deliverance there is peace, in contrast to the troubled nations that didn’t know God or His deliverance. If you and I know God — and His deliverance through His Son, Jesus — we can know peace in a way that the rest of the world can’t imagine. And that peace is a quiet confidence that whether or not things get done, God is in control. Whether or not a situation turns out the way I want, God is in control.

In the New American Standard Bible, that verse reads “Cease striving and know that I am God.”

Can you and I “cease striving” to do all we think we must do and remember that simply knowing God (and the fact that He has delivered us from the punishment of our sin) amounts to peace and rest? To rest is to trust Him in all things. And to trust Him in all things is to rest.

You can live differently this holiday season if you truly know the Source of Peace.

Enter the month of December with a quiet heart that slows down to remember what matters the most. And in doing so, you will be showing others what it means to trust — and to rest.

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