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Relationship not religionDo you know the God of religion or relationship?

I re-discovered something precious in the Word of God this morning. I was reminded, as I was reading in Acts, that I know and serve a God of relationship, not religion.

And I am so thankful for that.

The god of religion is the one who asks you to do a number of things to prove yourself worthy. The God of Relationship recognized we will never be worthy, but He chose to love us anyway.

As I was reading in Acts, I realized,  once again, that God knew that none of us could ever be worthy of Him.  So, He sent His Son, Jesus, to die in our place — not so that we would have to follow a bunch of rules in our lives. But so that we could know Him (and obey and serve Him) through a relationship.

In Acts 17:24-25 the Apostle Paul told a group of Greek and Jewish philosophers about this God of relationship who wasn’t interested in having them DO a bunch of things for Him. He told them of a Creator God who is also a Sustainer God who wanted to be their Savior God and live in relationship with them:

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