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Do you remember what it was like to be in love with God? Do you remember having a passion for Him?

It was great, wasn’t it? And then life happened. You and I got busy, we got sidetracked, we let other “loves” steal our hearts away.

Recently, I was wondering why I wasn’t as passionately in love with God as I used to be. And then it dawned on me the one thing I let slip away: Worship.

I’m  not talking about 20 minutes of singing on a Sunday morning. I’m talking about a focused adoration of God, dwelling on His character, focusing on Who He is and losing ourselves in the process.

So I decided to get back to focused worship. I put in an old CD of Matthew Ward’s (remember him from the 1970s group The Second Chapter of Acts?).  As I played the song “I Will Worship Him” I wrote down each characteristic of God’s that is mentioned in that song and I was ushered back into His presence.

If you want to go there too, click on this link and worship Him with me before reading the rest.

As I began to focus on God’s character, I realized once again why worship is so very important for my soul and my relationship with God:

  1. Worship reminds me that He is God and I am not. Therefore, He is worthy of my surrender, my obedience, my praise and my adoration. He is also beyond my questions, undeserving of my complaints, and so far above my own reasoning. How can I even question Him when He is God and I am not?
  2. Worship re-prioritizes my life. Because He is God and I am not, He must be first and everyone and everything else must come after Him. My, how easy it is to let other people, interests, and even myself slide up that scale of importance in my life. Yet when He is at the top (and worshiping Him puts Him back on the throne of my life) everything else falls into proper place.
  3. Worship reshapes my heart. How can I be bitter at a circumstance or unforgiving of a person after I’ve been in the presence of God? How can I be full of myself after emptying myself out to focus on the Only One who is worthy of praise? Imagine how even five minutes a day of focused worship can begin to change you and me!
  4. Worship reignites the flame for Him. The more I think of God, praise Him, and focus on His attributes, the more I grow in my love for Him. When I first married, I remember commuting an hour to work and as I drove I was thanking God the whole way for my husband…his wisdom, his generosity, his intelligence, his love for God, his  love for me. Can you imagine how speaking aloud Hugh’s positive qualities kept Hugh in the forefront of  my mind and heart? It works the same with God. The more we recount, recite, and remind ourselves of Who He is and all the wonderful things about Him, the more deeply in love with Him we will be.

As busy as you are this time of year, can you begin to worship the One whose love for you is what Christmas is all about? Then let’s start right now. Give me one, two, or three words in the comment section that describe Who God is and why He’s worthy of your praise.

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