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Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you divine desires.I started thinking today about divine desires.

Do my desires truly please God? Are they from Him? Or are they too much about me?

In  My Utmost for His Highest, Oswald Chambers says:

True surrender is a matter of being “united together (with Jesus) in the likeness of his death” (Romans 6:5) until nothing ever appeals to you that did not appeal to Him.

Wow. To be so united with Christ that we are completely dead to our own desires and totally alive to His. That is my true heart’s desire. And yet, I got to thinking about what my desires look like when my focus is not on being united with Christ:

  • Personal happiness
  • Relational fulfillment (a great marriage, great family relationships and fulfilling friendships)
  • Financial security
  • Success and prosperity
  • Peace and contentment
  • To be well liked and admired

And yet, how many of those desires were also the desires of Jesus when He walked this earth?

According to Scripture, Jesus desired:

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