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If God is saying “no” to your prayers for a child, I can understand if Mother’s Day hurts.

I remember the hurt and confusion I felt many years ago as I was asking God for a second child. Although I didn’t understand why He was withholding a baby from me — while many women around me seemed to be getting pregnant whether they wanted to or not — God had His reasons and His purposes, that I have realized through the years.*

While my first reaction was to question God, I now realize there was wisdom in His withholding.

While your discovery of His reasons and purposes might still be down the road for you, let me encourage your heart with these three truths:read more

GST6Do you know what it’s like to ask God for something and to keep receiving a “no”?

I do. Whether I was trying to get a book published, trying to have a second child, or trying to pry open a door of opportunity, every time I received a “no” it was discouraging. But looking back now, that “no” was really God saying “wait — I have something better for you, instead.”

Sometimes God’s “no” is because He’s protecting us from what we don’t yet see. Other times it’s because He is waiting to give us something far better than we requested.

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Admit it, there are parts of the Bible that are difficult to digest. Certain girlreadingbiblewords sting and can cause us to question our faith. I came across some of them as I was writing my book, When God Sees Your Tears.

In the Old Testament story of Hannah, I found staring at me, like a dagger, seven words about why Hannah could not conceive a child: because the Lord had closed her womb. Those seven words explain, but don’t really explain, Hannah’s misery. And within those seven disturbing words are four words that explain — or don’t really explain — the troubles we experience today, too: because the Lord had.

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