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I’ll never forget the day I was cleaning through my top dresser drawer and found a treasure.

I almost threw out the stack of aged, yellowed papers, weathered by time and slightly torn on the edges. When I unfolded the papers and read through them, I instantly realized why I’d kept them all those years. On them were written words any woman would want to read over and over again. They were love letters from my husband that included phrases like “I love you beyond expression.” “You complete me like no other.” And “I love you desperately.”

As I read through them, my eyes teared up. And then my heart dropped.

I haven’t had a letter like this from him in years, I thought. Why doesn’t he write like this to me anymore?

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When a Woman Inspires Her Husband book coverHave you ever wondered how to inspire your husband and draw his heart closer to yours?

Do you ever feel like you walk alone in your marriage because he’s just not responding the way you’d like?

Are there things you don’t understand about your man that drive a wedge between the two of you?

Well, you don’t have to feel alone in your marriage anymore. You can learn how to inspire your husband and draw his heart closer to yours in ways you’ve never imagined.

In my recent interview with Dr. James Dobson, I shared some practical steps from my book, When a Woman Inspires Her Husband, that will help your husband see you as the one person he wants to be around the most.

Your husband lives in a world where it’s important for him to know that he’s winning. So what’s the best thing you can do for him? Become his cheerleader. When a man hits midlife he needs his wife to be more like a girlfriend, than a mother. Your husband needs to have a No. 1 fan to cheer him on, support him, encourage him, and believe in him even when he isn’t too sure if he believes in himself.  And ladies, that No. 1 fan of your husband needs to be you.

So how can you be his cheerleader in a practical way? By putting into practice the following attitudes and actions until they become habits. (This will help you C-H-E-E-R him on!)

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