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Darcy is rejoicing at God's touch

Darcy, far right, with her family.

I wonder how often you and I have received God’s touch, but we never knew it was Him.

In response to my recent blog “Three Ways to Hear God’s Voice,” I heard from Darcy, a beautiful woman I met several years ago and with whom I shared a heart connection.

Darcy informed me she is battling stage 4 colon cancer! She said she is hearing from God “very, very clearly” and she shared with me her recent experience of receiving God’s touch.

Her story slammed my life into perspective once again and I’m sharing it with you, with her permission, to encourage you that God knows when we most need to hear His voice and feel His healing touch.

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Tips on Hearing God's VoiceCould you use some tips for more effectively hearing God’s voice?

This week I asked Author Leighann McCoy to share her insights on how you can develop your listening skills when it comes to hearing God’s voice. You can also win one of ten books she is giving away at the end of the blog so stay tuned:

Leighann, author of A Woman’s Guide to Hearing God’s Voice, says:

Like Cindi, I too have been a follower of Christ since I was a girl.  And even though I’ve written a book on the subject, I still find it difficult to hear God’s voice.

Sometimes I strain my ears and hear nothing at all.

And sometimes I can’t distinguish the voice of God from the other voices I hear in my head.

One time I “heard” God tell me that I was pregnant and I was having a baby boy. A few weeks later I discovered that I was indeed pregnant! But a few weeks after that I found out my baby was a girl. I was partly hearing God’s voice and partly hearing my own wishful thinking.

It’s not that hard to hear God’s voice, but it’s not that easy either. Cindi encouraged us to listen to God’s whispers. I call those whispers His “still small voice.”

(I’ve put together a bonus resource at the end of this post that includes a link to a message on hearing God’s still small voice and 4 reliable tests to distinguish His voice from others.)

The key to hearing God’s “still small voice” is learning how to listen. Here are four tips for effective listening.

  1. Pay attention.

It kind of goes without saying, and yet we rush into our quiet times, read our Bibles, talk to God about what we want Him to do for us then off we go.

What if you…

  • Read your Bible
  • Asked God to speak to you
  • And then sat still?

Try it! Start small.

I began with 2 minutes. My mind wandered and I considered the “nothingness” a possible “waste” of precious time. But, after a few days I realized that I was beginning to hear God “whisper.”

  1. Shut out distractions.

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How to hear God's voiceDo you hear God’s voice? Or can you say you even know how to listen for Him?

Much confusion exists today about what it looks — or rather “sounds” like — to hear God’s voice. Especially if you’re waiting for the bright lights or a booming voice.

Many of us talk to the Lord often and just want to hear Him talk back now and then. But sometimes we aren’t sure how He’s going to do it. We’re not certain what to listen for.

In the more than 40 years since I’ve given my life to Jesus Christ, I have never experienced an encounter with Him in which there was an audible voice, a thundering from heaven, a burning bush, or a rushing wind. It was usually a still small voice that gave me an inner peace, a loving rebuke that changed my ways, the written Word of God that pierced my heart, or a sense of calling and direction that wouldn’t let me be until I followed.

God speaks in various ways by the Holy Spirit to those in relationship with His Son — through His Word (the Bible), through prayer (and what He lays on our hearts to pray for), through circumstances in our life, and through the church (godly advice from believers). And in my experience, I would have to say that He has spoken most clearly when I’ve been the most obedient, the most in need of comfort, and for the most part, taking the time to really listen.

Do you long to hear God speaking to you on a regular basis? Here are some ways you can fine-tune your hearing so you don’t miss Him and what He wants to say:

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