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Sally Nance, whose blog is The Healthy Happy Woman, is my guest blogger this week. Here are her thoughts on how to find and practice happiness:

Are you happy?  This question might catch you off guard, and yet, it’s one of the most profound questions you can ask yourself.  Perhaps happiness seems like a destination just beyond your reach.  Or maybe you tell yourself things like, “I’ll be happy when__________________ (fill in the blank with whatever you think is going to make you happy)!”

But what if I told you that happiness is a spiritual discipline, just as much as reading your Bible or praying, and that it is a direct result of pursuing a vibrant relationship with Christ through His Word?  Charles Spurgeon knew this to be so.  He said, “As there is the most heat nearest to the sun, so there is the most happiness nearest to Christ.”

Christian author, Donald Whitney, defines spiritual disciplines as “those practices found in Scripture that promote spiritual growth among believers in the gospel of Jesus Christ. They are habits of devotion, habits of experiential Christianity that have been practiced by God’s people since biblical times.”

So, is it possible for happiness to be a “habit of devotion” that can be “practiced by God’s people”?  I absolutely think so!  Let’s look at 3 ways we can practice the spiritual discipline of happiness:

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