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sadgirlDo you ever feel like your pastor is blowing you off?

Maybe you just feel like he doesn’t greet you or treat you as you expected.

That was the case with “Anne” who emailed me her question:  “What should I do if I think my pastor doesn’t like me?”

Anne says she often has an “overwhelming feeling whenever my pastor greets me that he’s pasting on a smile. I can sometimes see him dig deep for it, too. Ive seen him turn away in hopes there was someone else to speak to and then, finding no one else, dig deep for that fake smile and turn back to me. It hurts.”

I ran Anne’s dilemma by my husband, a former pastor of 20 years, and he had some great insights that can help us understand pastors and how to better deal with the situation if you feel your pastor is blowing you off.

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