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blaming GodEvery week I receive an email from another woman who is frustrated with her husband.

Every week I read exasperated words like “I’m fed up with this,” “I’ve had it with him,” and “What should I do?”

Every week!

That tells me there are a lot of you out there who are feeling like that…but most of you never reach out for advice or help. You stuff it in and keep dealing with it…or you call it quits.

So this is an open letter to every one of you who has “had it” with your marriage. (And if this doesn’t apply to you, please pass it on to someone you know who can be encouraged through it.)

I understand your frustration with your husband. Every wife is frustrated to some degree with the things her husband is or isn’t doing. He doesn’t treat you like he once did. He seems distant. He doesn’t communicate at a deeper level. In some cases he constantly criticizes you. In most cases, he’s ambivalent and resigned.

You say it has led to a deep depression. You cry a lot. You wonder when things will change. Or, today you have decided you no longer want to wait for the change. You’re calling it quits.

I remember the day I, too, felt depressed.

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