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Blog quote - agingDoes getting older bother you?

It never used to bother me. Until yesterday. I turned 50. And I think I’m beginning to understand those reservations women have about aging. The thought that I’m half a century old and I now have less days in front of me than behind me is quite mellowing.

Since I prefer to look at every situation as an opportunity to grow, let me (for my own therapy, perhaps) share with you five things I already appreciate about turning 50:

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My 40th birthday with my daughter, Dana — 9 years ago!

I celebrated my 49th birthday this week.

Notice I said “celebrated”– not “shrugged at.”

Ok, originally, my thought was that 49 doesn’t have quite the ring to it that 29 had…or even 42! But then I remembered something I heard years ago as I approached 30: “If you don’t like getting older, consider the alternative.”

Women younger than me are dying every day due to some kind of cancer. So I am truly blessed to have another year of life. By complaining of my age, I’m complaining about a privilege …being allowed to live another year and enjoy life. That kind of complaint doesn’t make sense to me. And so, instead of complaining about the inevitable effects of aging (like more body aches and pains, diminishing eyesight, and the 1- to 2-pound weight gain that the average woman experiences yearly after age 35!), I thought I would focus on what I am thankful for as I grow older.

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