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When Couples Walk Together


Discover New and Meaningful Ways to Stay Connected

Are the demands of everyday life constantly pulling you and your spouse in different directions? And even when you are together, do life’s obligations and distractions make it a challenge to find quality time alone?

If you’ve longed to rekindle the intimacy and companionship that first brought you together, join Hugh and Cindi McMenamin as they share 31 days of simple, creative, and fun ways you can draw closer together again. Among the topics are:

  • the power of a note
  • extending grace
  • finding a getaway
  • flirting again
  • making a memory
  • splurging on each other
  • lightening the load
  • enjoying the journey
  • laughing again
  • simple acts of love
  • having a mission
  • pursuing personal growth

Along the way you’ll discover practical guidance from Scripture and meet other couples who share the innovative ways they’ve reconnected. You’ll find your marriage greatly enriched as you experience anew the joys of togetherness and unselfish love.

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