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Financial stress, midlife crises, "irreconcilable differences" – there is much in this world to pull marriages apart.

Through their "Couples' Date Night," Cindi and Hugh offer an honest, inspiring, and fun presentation that includes connecting moments for couples to help them:

  • rediscover encouraging words and 'simple acts of love'
  • resurrect dreams they once shared with one another
  • revisit the true meaning of sacrificial love
  • restore hope and confidence in the One who can hold ANY marriage together

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Cind and her husband, Hugh

"We loved your date night and were inspired to go through your book together. My husband and I are now in a contest to 'out love' one another! So far, he's winning!"

- Lisa P., Oceanside, CA


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From Tense to Tender - Surviving Stressful Moments in Your Marriage


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Putting Self on the Shelf - When Marriage Isn't All About Me



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Cindi McMenamin is a best-selling writer and speaker who helps women discover strength for the soul.

She has more than 20 years experience ministering to women and inspiring them to let God meet their emotional needs.

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