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Speaking Topics

Below is a list of Cindi’s most-requested speaking presentations.

Presentations can be combined or altered to create an event specifically tailored to your needs! Simply contact Cindi for details.

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Every woman needs to have her soul restored from the busyness, complacency or disappointments in life. Through Scriptural insights and practical helps, Cindi shows you how to:

  • see God as the Only One who truly satisfies
  • develop a desperation for God and long for His healing touch
  • experience a new confidence through a proper understanding of Who God is
  • enjoy the blessing of investing in the lives of others

Women on the Edge

Every day, women stand at the crossroads of life longing for change, direction, and ways to make a difference. Such frustration can drive women away from God or toward Him. Through personal stories and real-life accounts of biblical women, Cindi shows women they are not alone in their everyday frustrations that make them feel they’re going to go over the edge. Cindi shares how women can thrive even in the hard times and:

  • shift their focus from self to God
  • trust their heavenly Father more with the things they cannot control
  • enjoy the confidence that comes from a heart wholly surrendered to Him
  • turn their temporary frustrations into lasting fulfillment

Discovering Your Dream

You were created by God to live out a unique purpose. Yet, too many women smother their God-given dreams and live unfulfilled lives. Cindi’s message explores God’s design for you and how to live out the dream He has placed in your heart. Experience a boost in your soul as she helps you:

  • verbalize new dreams for the first time
  • resurrect lost dreams and see them to fruition
  • find the boldness to give up a draining career, and pursue the dream you’ve always wanted
  • connect your desires and natural abilities to God’s purpose for your life

“Island Hideaway” Rest Retreat

Sometimes your soul needs a break from the busyness of life. Cindi’s Hawaiian-themed weekend retreat or one-day conference focuses on Psalm 32:7 in The Message: (“God’s my island hideaway, keeps danger far from shore, throws garlands of hosannas around my neck.”). These presentations refresh women who feel weary, overwhelmed, and stressed about life. Enjoy a new sense of rejuvenation as Cindi enables you to:

  • increase your ability to identify and say “no” to busyness
  • revive through time alone with God in rest and worship
  • learn how to slow down and spend more time with loved ones
  • maximize your peace and productivity
  • discover new sources of endurance in the face of stress

The Role of a Lifetime

A woman tends to define her role in life by her responsibilities and relationships. Yet God sees her apart from what she does and has given her an irreplaceable role and a “red carpet” she hasn’t realized. This “Hollywood-themed” retreat stresses the amazing worth of a woman in God’s eyes. Cindi helps women:

  • build lasting confidence by seeing who you are in God’s eyes
  • turn loss and disappointment into new paths with clear direction
  • relate to women in the Bible as if you knew them personally
  • see your potential to make a difference in this world

Longings of a Woman’s Heart

Do you carry unmet emotional needs, but find that your husband or friends can’t offer the fulfillment you desire? Cindi looks at the longings of a woman’s heart, where she goes to satisfy those longings, and the kind of fulfillment only found in an intimate relationship with Christ. Through these talks, she will help you:

  • experience unconditional love knowing God is your constant companion
  • enjoy the closeness of expectation-free friendships
  • enjoy contentment, whether single or married, and see your circumstances as God’s “Plan A”
  • turn draining relationships into sources of strength and encouragement

When You’re Running on Empty

What if you could finish the day feeling energized by your activities, rather than worn out by busyness? In this message, Cindi offers inspiration to revive and restore your spirit. Learn practical ways to:

  • break the everyday routine by identifying God’s divine appointments and blessings
  • implement good health habits that recharge your energy
  • invest in others without guilt and fatigue
  • avoid burnout by leaning on God for daily power

When God Pursues a Woman’s Heart

The soul of a woman was created to feel cherished and pursued. Yet, many women miss out on the delight and admiration that God has for them. In this presentation, Cindi helps you:

  • strengthen your worth in the face of rejection
  • experience the tender side of God who soothes and heals your hurts
  • dismiss “what-if” worries with a steady sense of God’s goodness
  • apply Scripture, music, and film to visualize how God rescued your heart

‘Tis the Season to be Stress-Free

Do you dread the holidays, rather than anticipate them, because of all there is to do? In this upbeat presentation, Cindi speaks to the heart of every woman who finds herself busy and stressed over the Christmas season. Find new ways to:

  • slow down and enter the holiday season with a focused heart
  • re-energize through practical tips so they’re not “running on empty”
  • gain a greater focus on what’s most important at this time of year

Celebrate the Savior

Christmas is a time to celebrate the true Source of a woman’s strength. Invite Cindi to share her encouraging message that helps women:

  • appreciate the kind of friend they have in Jesus
  • discover God as the Father they didn’t have as a girl
  • experience freedom through God’s forgiveness and gift of eternal life
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